Ruth Wischmann

RW Media Relations can draw upon long years of experience in PR plus personal contact to print, radio, TV and online media, relevant service providers and information portals. RW Media Relations has a dense international network at its disposal with expertise centered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

RW Media Relations supports concert agents, promoters and local press departments of cultural institutions with their PR work, thus contributing to the increasingly important economic impact that cultural institutions evince. RW Media Relations handles both internationally established and emerging artists, positioning them in diverse media.

RW Media Relations, in conjunction with its clients, produces individual PR concepts coordinated with current topics, productions and tours. RW Media Relations distinguishes between PR destined to create an image, reposition a product or promote sales. RW Media Relations advises on all aspects of public relations and conducts strategic campaigns ranging from publishing press releases, through placing articles to arranging press conferences. The focus throughout remains on the quality of reporting.

RW Media Relations conceives and organizes PR events designed to highlight various topics for the media and the general public. Here, the lines may cross between traditional and non-traditional forms of PR (cross PR).

What we do:

  • Consult on PR questions
  • Design PR concepts taking costs and scheduling into account
  • Generate individual, targeted press distribution lists
  • Write press releases
  • Assemble press folders and informational material
  • Place articles in the trade press and popular media
  • Communicate messages in print, radio, TV and social media
  • Schedule publications
  • Visit editors
  • Maintain contact to media representatives
  • Place interviews
  • Organize and conduct press conferences and roundtable discussions
  • Organize and conduct press junkets
  • Conduct research
  • Provide theatrical advice
  • Edit program booklets and company pamphlets
  • Service for website contents
  • Report regularly to clients (progress reports)